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Vacuum Sweepers for
Commercial & Industrial Applications

Our durable vacuum sweepers are designed for removal of virtually all litter and waste, from sand to super fine powders to hard-to-vacuum flat objects. metal shavings, glass, wire, nails, liter-sized plastic bottles, large metallic pieces, even a HEPA filter wet dry model for hazardous waste materials.

We have vacuum sweepers for removal of debris from industrial plants, large outdoor arenas,  theaters, clean rooms, garages, shopping malls, stadiums, warehouses, parks, grounds indoors or outdoors.

Vacuum Sweeper Power Vac for Outdoor Cleanup

Power Vac Gasoline vacuum sweepers are ideal for quick cleanup of outdoor debris liter-sized bottles to large metallic objects from turf, concrete, asphalt and more.

Power Vac LP for debris removal

Power Vac Propane for LP powered cleanup in outdoor and well ventilated indoor environments. Same great suction power as the gasoline Power Vac.

Commercial Electric Vacuum

Power Vac Electric Effectively cleans both carpeted and hard surfaces indoors of virtually any debris, including foam packaging, glass, wire, nails and much more.

Battery Powered Indoor Power-Vac Battery for indoor applications where gasoline and propane may be hazardous and electrical cords cumbersome.
Power Vac Accessories, Attachments, Replacement Parts

Parts and Accessories - Attachments and fittings for Power Vac models, including brushes, leaf blower,  baffle assembly, turf, filter bags and more.

Power Sweep Commercial Vacuum Sweepers

Power-Sweep battery or gasoline vacuum sweepers are ultra quiet and highly maneuverable for dust-free removal, of chronic dusts indoors and outside.

Voyager Turbo Portable Drum Modular Voyager Turbo - Commercial and industrial upright, portable & drum vacuums with modular configurations and massive air flow for  cleanup of bulky dry debris.
HEPA Filter Hazardous material removal HEPA Filter Wet Dry Hazardous Waste for removal of hazardous materials. These canister vacuums are ideal for hospitals, clean rooms and industrial plants.

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