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ESD Vacuums

We offer ESD Vacuum cleaners for industrial or commercial use, suitable for toner, developer lead, mold spores and dust, as well as HEPA vacuums for the copier, computer, medical and telecommunications industry.

The HCTV Series is ideal 
for contractors and 
service depots.

Industrial & Commercial 

Whether your needs are large or small, we have the service vacuum for your application. Testing has proven that our vacuums have a conductive path-to- ground, which wicks away dangerous static electricity that can cause damage to sensitive electronic parts. Our vacuums have available HEPA filtration for 99.97% efficiency at .3-micron.

We carry industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners for toner, developer, lead, mold spores, dust and soot in addition to a complete line of Hepa vacuums and filters for the copier, computer, medical and telecommunications industries.

We also offer asbestos and lead abatement vacuums for the abatement (asbestos/lead) industry. 




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