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About IAS Industrial Vacuums

IAS Industrial Vacuums started from humble beginnings over 15 years ago with only its founder as a representative.  Today, IAS boasts a company of with over 4 million dollars in industrial sales with representatives across the USA and Canada.

With over 30 years combined application experience, we offer you practical solutions for virtually any type of air-borne contaminant.  For in-plant dust, smoke  and mist, we have the proven equipment you need.

Here's our complete product line:

Replacement filters for most brand-name dust collectors Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Aercology/Torit Donaldson

Torit/Donaldson Nordfab QF
  • Quick Clamp Industrial Ducting
  • Suction Hoods & Manifold
Monlan Group - A Division of Lafourche Mfg.
  • Fluid Recycling and Portable Sump Cleaners
  • Hyde Tramp Oil Separators
  • Mobile Tramp Oil Separation System
  • Hyde Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems
  • Wheel Skimmer
  • Coolant Manager
  • Pressure Washer Recycling Stations
  • Ultrafiltration and Evaporator Systems
  • Paper Bed Filters Vacuum Filters Replacement Media
  • Magnetic Separators and Magnetic Slide Conveyors
  • Manual and Semi-Automatic Centrifuges
  • Dragout and Settling Tanks
  • Hydrocyclone Systems
  • Mon-A-Matic
Tri-Mer Corporation Perfect Sense
  • Portable VOC Monitors
  • In-Duct VOC Monitors
  • VOC Sensors and Controls
  • Portable & Central Ozone Units
  • Chem./Absorption Media
  • Holding Frames and Cells
  • Bonded Activated Carbon
Commercial Air Cleaners

All Types of Commercial Air Cleaners for Offices, Bars, Restaurants and Functions Halls

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IAS Industrial Vacuums
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