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Central Vacuum Systems
Vacuum Cleaning Systems for Industrial Applications

We offer custom designed central vacuum systems for industrial applications. Choose from centrifugal or positive displacement vacuum producers and pulse jet cleaned cartridge type or baghouse filters for your next central vacuum system.

Eight operator 50 Hp 
with QLP pulse jet filter

Central Vacuum Systems
Multi Operator

Systems custom designed to your specific requirements.

5 Hp to 300 Hp
Vacuum to 14" Hg
Flow rates to 30,000 SCFM
Choice of filtration systems
Choice of discharge devices
Piping systems that do not plug! 

These systems use dynamic type vacuum producers, so operators think they have the system to themselves.


Choose DuroVac for your next central vacuum system

DV Platform Series

The centrifugal DuroVac offers awesome service life with low noise in a pre-tested package.

15 to 30 Hp
Vacuum to 100" S.P. (7.5" Hg)
Flow to 1300 ACFM
Up to 195.1 Sq. Ft. filtration
6.0 cubic feet of usable storage
Optional pulse jet cleaning

Supports up to ten (10) operators at the same time even with very long piping systems.

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