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Vacuum Tubing & Fittings
Thousands of Tubing & Fitting
Solutions Under One Roof!

We carry an extensive line of Industrial Vacuum Fittings,
including Tubing, Bends, Fittings and Coupling

We offer next-day shipment on a wide selection of  MetFlo product line, including tubing, pipe, bends, compression couplings, fittings and installation components. Our standard tube and pipe parts are available in carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum. With superior quality and a competitive price, MetFlo components are the solution.

Tube Dimensions

16 Gauge =


14 Gauge =


12 Gauge =


11 Gauge =


We are a leading supplier of tubular components for industrial vacuum systems. Our standard catalogue items include tube sizes from 2⅛" through 14" OD in Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. 1" and 2" OD are available upon request.

Fast delivery is available on a wide selection of in-stock Tubing, Bends, Coupling, Fittings and Installation Components. We also make every effort to meet emergency requirements for non-stock items.

Inside and outside diameters polishing provides smooth ID (180 grit) surfaces. For 2" - 5" OD Long Radius Bends and Straights.

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Tubing and Pipe
  • Over a half-million feet of tubing and pipe is in stock right now, ready for your project.
  • Standard tube diameter sizes ranging from 1-1/2" through 14" OD.
  • Standard pipe sizes from 1" to 12".
  • Inventories include a wide range of parts: short radius (1-1/2 times OD), standard radius (2-1/2 times OD), and long radius bends (up through 60" center line).
  • Expanded tubing ends available up to 6" sizes; a combination of straight and expanded ends can also be provided.
  • Extensive selection of TY's, Y's, laterals, tees, reducers, adapters, inlet valves and couplings. Plus, many other types of fittings.
  • Expanded tube ends available up to 6" sizes; a combination of straight and expanded ends can also be provided.
Compression Couplings
  • The MetFlo Compression Coupling, 1-1/2" through 14" OD for tube and 1-1/14" through 12" NPS for pipe.
  • Zinc plated reinforcement bars provide additional strength and stability.
  • Grade 5 stress relieved bolts on every MetFlo coupling ensure a trouble-free installation.
  • G90 Galvanized Exterior Coating provides superior corrosion resistance.
Installation Components
  • Save money and time with a "Single Source Supplier".
  • Struts, brackets, anchors, clamps, threaded rod and many other parts are available.

Ceramic Lining

Ceramic lined parts are used successfully in many pneumatic tube systems conveying highly abrasive materials. This ceramic compound helps many companies save money in material loss, production delays, clean-up and labor costs due to frequency of replacing conventional parts.

  • Available in single coat thickness (range of .006" - .008")

  • Available in double coat thickness (range of .010" - .012")

  • All parts are baked to 1545 F

  • On the Welch Hardness Scale (a scale of 1 - 10, with a diamond rated a 10), this ceramic lining has a rating of 7

  • Only carbon or stainless steel can be lined (no galvanized or aluminum)

  • The maximum treatable straight length is 12 feet

Ceramic Coating

This wear-resistant ceramic material is applied to exterior surfaces of the part and significantly extends its life in systems conveying highly abrasive material. This special exterior coating helps save money, delays in production and labor costs.

  • A wear-resistant ceramic compound, approximately " thick, is applied to the outside of the tube.

  • An exterior fiberglass wrap maintains the grip and strength of the ceramic material.

  • Once the interior of the tubular part wears through, the abrasion transfers to the ceramic compound.

  • This "ceramic jacket" has MOHS hardness of 9.

  • Most of our standard catalogue items are available with wear-resistant ceramic coatings.

  • These parts are modified to provide maximum durability of critical points.

Accessories Pre-Separators and Collection Hoppers
Adapters and Special Fittings
Vacuum Hose 1.25" to 8" standard & grounded
1.5" Attachments Operator Handles
Floor Tools
Overhead Tools
Hand Tools
2.0" Attachments Operator Handles
Floor Tools
Overhead Tools (adapt down to 1-1/2")
Hand Tools
2.5"+ Attachments 2.5" to 8.0" handles and tools

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