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Industrial & Commercial Canister Vacuums
and NIKRO Vacuum Cleaners, Liquid Wet Vacs & Fine-Powder Vacuums


XtractMAX Barrel Vacuums
55-Gallon Drum Vacuums

Hopper Vac Compressed AirThis industrial-grade vacuum makes a serious machine out of an ordinary 55-gallon drum.   

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XtractMAX Electric Vacuums
Super-fine filtration 

WSP 2000 liquid vacuums for wet pumping and discharge.

Our NEW XtractMax portable electric vacuums offer asy maneuverability and 99.9% filtration efficiency down to .5 microns.

Units operate on a standard 120-volt, 20 amp outlet and are lightweight and portable.


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XtractMAX Hopper Vac Compressed Air
55-Gallon Drum Industrial Vacuums

Hopper Vac Compressed AirOur exclusive Hopper Vac compressed air industrial vacuums by XtractMAX offer 65 gallons usable storage capacity, with the dumping convenience of forklift pockets and an 18" x 24" discharge gate. Combining incredible 180" H20 suction with 99% filtration efficiency down to .5 microns and pulse jet filter cleaning.

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NIKRO Industries
Commercial - Industrial Series of Vacuums

NIKRO heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum cleaners for industrial vacuum needsA complete line of industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaners from the 6-gallon economy model to the workhorse 55-gallon twin-motor 120V drum vac. Designed with the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure long life and dependable use in demanding applications.

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Liquid Vacuums
WSP 2000 Wet Vacuum Cleaners

WSP 2000 liquid vacuums for wet pumping and discharge.The easy maneuvering WSP 2000 Wet Vac allows vacuuming and pumping at the same time. Vacuum large areas and volumes of liquids pumping automatically to a discharge area. Easy discharge and cleanup of sludge and collected solids.


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Fine Powder Vacuums
The Intermittent Duty WNS and WS Series

The portable WS and WNS canister vacuums for fine-powder removalThe portable, intermittent duty, high-filtration WNS and WS series feature oversized filters and easy maneuverability for maximim fine powder removal. These rugged single-phase vacuums are easy to move and empty. Impact- and corrosion-resistant composite housing and large heavy duty casters make this a rugged solution.


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