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XtractMax E Portable Electric Vacuums

Our NEW XtractMax portable electric vacuums
are easily maneuverable and offer
99.9% filtration efficiency down to .3 microns.

Optional HEPA
Final Filter Available
99.97% Efficient
Down to .3 Microns

Portable Electric Vacuums

The NEW XtractMAX electric series of portable intermittent duty vacuums are small in size but huge in performance! The oversized, high-efficiency filters and lightweight easy maneuver-ability make XtractMAX the ideal solution for even the finest dry material cleanup powder coating, carbon black, talc, concrete dust, lead and asbestos.

For added storage capacity or liquid cleanup, simply connect the optional Pre-Separator System.

The massive low-loading filter allows large quantities of materials to be picked up without loss of suction with an incredible 3 to 5 year average filter life. The convenient foot-lever access makes for hassle-free emptying of the huge 9-gallon dustpan.

High Efficiency FiltersThe compression cast composite construction of XtractMAX is incredibly rugged. It will not dent or rust, is abrasian resistant and chemically neutral.

Powerful, rugged, portable, efficient and low-maintenance, XtractMAX will handle your toughest vacuum and dust collection needs.

Click Here to see XtractMAX in Action

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XtractMax E Specifications:  






L x W x  H "





7.2 / 98

110 / 220

115 lbs

31 x 19 x 29

13 sq ft

78 dba



7.2 / 98

110 / 220

120 lbs

31 x 19 x 32

13 sq ft

68 dba



5.5 / 75


120 lbs

31 x 19 x 46

28 sq ft

70 dba



6.9 / 95


140 lbs

31 x 19 x 46

28 sq ft

70 dba

Pre-Separator for Liquid Cleanup

  • 20/30/55 Gallon Options

  • No Filters Required

  • Removes 90% of dry dust

  • Removes 100% of liquids


Pre-Separator System

The optional Pre-Separator System attaches directly to XtractMAX, making an integrated unit with  additional material storage.

More storage means less down time and longer filter life.

The Pre-Separator System also allow you to turn your dry vacuum into a liquid vacuum just by adding the liquid level shut-off option.

Optional Vacuum Equalizer kit allows a poly liner to be added to the drum for easy debris removal.



Pre-Separator System for liquid vacuuming
The optional Pre-Separator System attaches directly to XtractMAX for additional storage and liquid cleanup.

  • Whats going on inside that WS22?Lightweight & Portable

  • Up to 300 CFM

  • Operates on a Standard 120-volt 20-amp Outlet

  • 99.9% Filter Efficiency to .5 Microns

  • Composite Housing - Impact & Corrosion Resistant

  • Oversized Low-Loading Filters
    Up to 28 sq. ft.

  • Extended Duty Cycle

  • Low Filter Velocity

  • Individually Fan-Cooled Bypass Motors

  • Foot-Lever Activated 9-Gallon Dustpan

  • Lifetime Housing Warranty

  • 3-Year Filter Warranty

  • 1-year Motor Warranty


A Solution for Every Application

We carry the ideal vacuum tool for fast cleanup of everything from dust to bulk material.

We offer hand tools, overhead tools and floor tools, for walls, crevices, tight spaces and all flooring surfaces, rough or smooth.


Download PDF Specs

Download PDF WNS Manual

Download PDF WS Manual 

Click Below to see the XtractMAX in Action

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