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XtractMax® Compressed Air Vacuums
Pulse Jet Series

A unique venturi generates airflow to a massive 498 CFM. Static suction power reaches up to an incredible 180 inches H20. 

Each model features a cartridge type filter that easily handles the fine dust that blows right through most vacuums’ filters.  

Fine Powder XtractMax Specifications



XtractMAX® Hopper Vac Compressed Air
55-Gallon Drum Industrial Vacuums

Hopper Vac Compressed AirOur exclusive Hopper Vac compressed air industrial vacuums by XtractMAX offer 65 gallons usable storage capacity, with the dumping convenience of forklift pockets and an 18" x 24" discharge gate. Combining incredible 180" H20 suction with 99% filtration efficiency down to .5 microns and pulse jet filter cleaning.

XtractMax Hopper Vac Specifications



NIKRO Industries
Compressed Air Venturi Series of Vacuums

These vacuums are specifically designed for heavy duty industrial cleaning and material handling.

Normal 90 psi plant air is converted to a powerful vacuum using efficient venturies. And since there are no moving parts, you're new NIKRO compressed air vacuum will perform for years to come. 

Each NIKRO compressed air powered vacuum features the following:

  • super quiet operation (< 75 dBa @ 3 ft!)
  • achieves suction to 225" water lift!
  • no electricity required
  • wet and dry models available
  • heavy duty wheel base and frame

15 Gallon Compressed Air Series Specifications

55 Gallon Drum Series Specifications

All models are offered with available H.E.P.A filtration (99.97% @ 0.3 microns)

Sump-n-ator Chip SeparatorSum-N-Ator Chip Seperator for used coolant filtration
Compressed Air Powered Sump Vacuum

A fast and cost-effective way to vacuum and filter used coolants and cutting oils, loaded with chips, from sumps, open pits and parts washers. The Sump-n-ator is the answer to the messy and labor-intensive task of cleaning machine sumps.


Sump-n-ator Chip Separator Specifications

Compressed Air Handheld Vacuum

The Hand-E-Vac is a powerful, hand-held vacuum gun that's lightweight and easy to use. Its internal air amplifier converts the supplied compressed air into a strong suction that is regulated by an ergonomic trigger. 

The compressed air powered Hand-E-Vac is a powerful, lightweight, vacuum gun that can be quickly converted to a blowgun.

Hand-E-Vac Handheld Vacuum Specifications

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